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Total boat vs west systems

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    Re: Total boat vs west systems

    What prep was done to reseal? Did you remove much old material before reseal?. How much epoxy actually was used? Probably added more epoxy that what material was removed. One gallon of West weighs 9.6 lbs and at 5:1 mix 1/5 of a gallon hardener weighs 1.7 gal.
    Understanding that it cures rather than dry as solvents evaporate, does West weigh as much hardened as it does liquid? I've cosmo'd several wood hydro's & carbon fiber. On all I probably removed more material prepping than added & never used more than a half gallon to re-coat, then wet sanded some of that off for paint. 10 lb's seems like alot, about 5 would be what I'd expect on the preped surface of a C sized boat.
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      What amount of C sized boat area are you doing for about 5 lbs of epoxy?

      One gallon West resin + 1/5 gallon hardener (5:1 ratio) = 9.6 + 1.7 = 11.3 lbs for 1.2 gallons mixed, thus 1 gallon weighs 9.4 lbs. Not sure weight after cure but a little less I suppose since low VOC and you can smell epoxy gas off during cure. Prepping by sanding for final finish of varnish or paint removes some epoxy but they add weight however with varnish it looses about 50% (varies by brand) of its wet weight during cure.