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Japanese Stadium Racing

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    Re: Japanese Stadium Racing

    It is cool and if we were to adopt something very similar it could work here too! I'd race it! Just think of the possible race sites it could open up??? You wouldn't need as much water and rough water conditions wouldn't really hurt as much either.
    Yes, sir, Silvestri, but good luck getting anyone here actually giving the idea any serious thought. I have occasionally suggested that pari-mutuel racing, with outboards instead of horses, could be a way for people here to actually make money doing the thing they love, instead of it all being a financial dead-loss as it always has been. And the suggestion is never taken seriously, never gets any comments.

    We don't, we DO NOT have to do it the way the Japanese do it (I got to see a race when I was living in Japan in 1970), but again, people here do not seem to realize that or to think beyond the exact Japanese example. Seems to me that some of the indian tribes whose casinos might not be doing as well as they'd like might be interested in this. A marine stadium with gambling would synergistically draw spectators to the casinos before or after the races, and vice versa. The stadiums could be used for other events when not being used for racing. If there was actual money to be made, if only enough to defray expenses, how much easier it would be to attract new racers!

    But guys will read this and immediately decide that it's unworkable, that it doesn't fit with a family sport, that it is not what we know, all without giving it any thought at all as to how it might be made to work. Instead, all the same arguments about new classes, or too many classes, or this engine vs. that engine, etc., etc., will be re-hashed over and over, as racing gradually gets smaller and smaller.

    Again, again, in case it wasn't clear, we could think about doing this in a new way without reference to how the Japanese do it.
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      Re: Japanese Stadium Racing


      You just gave me a great idea for a new reality show, or maybe a new soap opera drama. Lord knows, there are enough people here that seem to be the type to enjoy watching it. How about "As the Drain Swirls." You like?




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