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300SSH and HOC points and High Points

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    Re: 300SSH and HOC points and High Points

    "NASCAR.., in a sense is suffering from diminished spectator crowds..., same old cars tail-to-tail, tail-to-tail, tail-to-tail, caution-lap, tail-to-tail, for 200 laps. Now and then there's a heck-uva-wreck, but generally pretty boring. People may not attend a race to see wrecks, but they definitely attend for the excitement. Football, basketball, socccer, ice-hockey... EXX-citement..., AK-SHUN.. Get my point??"

    ram95, you have an interesting perspective. We race in a lot of conditions, side by side, front to back, ect. But I don't think I have ever seen us race "tail to tail', but maybe I am not watching close enough. Thanks for the perspective.


    • Fastjack
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      Kurt , Sometimes Alex stays up to late or misses his nap.- Come up to Region One - Race Standish or Milton Stay @my place -Ill loan you a boat for The New BSH .
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    • ram95
      ram95 commented
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      Guess I'll have to x-pand a tad here.. My point may not be exactly clear bbbbut.., even NASCAR..big as the name is... is losing spectators. Why? For one thing, it's kinda boring, to me, perhaps others, eating chips and dip watching lap train upon lap train for 200 laps. Let's talk about World Of Outlaws sprint car racing.. now that's exciting to watch, and doin it in the dirt too. That aside, gimme a 750 or 850 Mod hydro or runabout race where there are 8 or 9 entries... and THAT is exciting. Both to be in, and to watch err ahh SPECTATE. I have nothing against NASCAR, but they are having some struggles.. aren't they? Huh.
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    Re: 300SSH and HOC points and High Points

    How about only 2-lap racing? Doing so might well eliminate the boring ''boat parades'' that normally ensue. And 2-lap racing would encourage drivers to concentrate on getting better starts, which is really what driving well is all about . . . in plain words, ''real'' racing!

    ​Two-lap racing would also save the needless wear-&-tear that the engines need to endure for the extra (unnecessary) (and also usually boring) 3rd lap.

    ​If you can't beat someone in two laps, Why extend the agony. What!! Are you waiting for his engine to blow up!

    ​Yeah, I know that my premise here is heresy, but think about it, y'all. A simple new fix for our format might save our sport as a spectator goodie that could be offered closer to urban centers. in a livelier presentation.
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    • Ericwienczak
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      People drive for hours on end and pay a pretty substantial fee to race their 3 laps, you want to cut that down even more??

      I sure as hell wouldn't pay 200+ bucks for 3 classes to get in a few laps each day

      If anything this would probably hurt our numbers not help them

    • Ram4x4
      Ram4x4 commented
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      Are you also planning to cut entry fees accordingly? I typically race 2 classes. That's 8 total races per weekend at 3 laps each. That's a grand total of about 20-25 minutes of actual racing (roughly 1 minute or so per lap) for 6-8 hours of driving, hotel, food, and gas costs, plus $120-$140 of entry fees, $230 annual APBA membership fee, unloading, setting up the boat and pit site, and tearing it all down and driving 6-8 hours to get home.

      I'm considering giving marathons a try just to get some more race time into the weekend.

      Cut races to 2 laps and I'll find another hobby to sink my money into.

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    Re: 300SSH and HOC points and High Points

    2 lap racing huh? I wouldn't even race in my own town if it was 2 laps.
    sigpicWayne DiGiacomo


    • Fastjack
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      New 125 under construction -got lots of parts - Are you going to run this season ? Rumors Mitch may run 125.with us.

    • DiGia54D
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      Yes I will be at Standish/Thompson/Lock Haven and Kingston for 125cch

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    Re: 300SSH and HOC points and High Points

    Reproduced from the other thread but probably best here.
    The Intent of the 300ss class is clear and reproduced here:
    To have what could be our first ever “stock” outboard class in APBA racing. This class shall lower barriers to entry, have very low startup costs and provide a place for new members to hone their racing skills before making a transition into the faster classes. It will also offer a class to current drivers that no longer wish to race at higher speeds.
    So current drivers (ie experienced) are not excluded but should not also be active participants in the faster classes per the intent of the class. Thus HOC points are completely inappropriate for this class. The class is also intended to be a 60 mph Max class, so records are also not appropriate. We have other classes for those games.
    John Adams
    I do not agree that this is the first ever "Stock" class. Almost 100 years ago a person could go to their Evinrude dealer and purchase a Speeditwin and race it in Class C Service, with Service meaning stock. And, on a personal level my first racing rig was a B Utility. At that time Utility is what we now call Stock. My engine was a KG-7 Mercury that my Dad bought from a local dealer. At that time too, The H Series of Mercury was introduced along with the Champion Hot Rod, Scott Atwater Green Hornet, and Martin 200 Silver Streak. All available from the factory through boat and motor dealers. Plus a 20 c.i. from Chris Craft. Konig and Anzani also had stock racing engines but of course APBA banned them. Don't forget Class 36 powered by the 36" OMC and later West Bend and others. Even today, I have just purchased a new 175cc VRP. We are going to run it with no modifications - exactly as manufactured. If that doesn't meet the definition of stock, then I don't know what does.


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      Re: 300SSH and HOC points and High Points

      Anyone know what was discussed about this class at the national meeting.


      • Matt Dagostino
        Matt Dagostino commented
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        There was no action taken in the 300ssh far as what was 'discussed' the minutes should be posted soon.