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Cut Resistant Footwear?

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  • Cut Resistant Footwear?

    I recently upgraded my teams gear with new helmets, cut resistant gloves, and soon to have new kevlar socks. I see the footwear available at SRP and Lifeline but not sure which works best for what we do. I am looking for your opinions, ideas, and experience on which footwear is the most cut resistant yet still practical for kneel down racing
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    Re: Cut Resistant Footwear?

    SRP has 3 different options, so that something fits your budget and driving style. The cheapest option are the Tuff n Lite Socks. They can be worn with any racing shoe and have proven to do their job (ask Laura Wheeler). They run $80 per pair plus shipping.

    ​Next up are the cut resistant booties, which are wet suit booties with a smooth, rubber sole, and a full inside lining of Tuff n Lite. Made of neoprene, they're basically wet suit booties with the Tuff n Lite lining. Since they are booties, there's no real arch support in them, so if you plan on wearing them all day long, that may or may not be an issue for you. Cost is $130 per pair plus shipping.

    SRP's highest level of foot protection are Kevlar boots, which are the ultimate protection.
    They have a Kevlar reinforced interlayer lining, water resistant grain leather, a flexible slip resistant sole, a steel toe like a work boot, and pad walk system with drain holes on the in-step. Making these boots tough, comfortable and light. These are a special order boot and takes a couple of weeks to come to in. They are heavier than the wetsuit booties, but are a solid form of protection. They take a little to get used to (let's face it, they're not as mobile as a wet suit bootie), but once you're acclimated to them, they work well. If you are not moving around a whole lot in the boat, you may not notice a huge difference. Kyle Bahl races with these in CSR, he moves all over the boat, and it took him a while, but he's used to them now and they've worked well for him. Cost is $175 per pair plus shipping.

    ​While cut protection is the primary objective of foot protection, one thing that often gets overlooked is flotation: A lot of us (myself included) have worn old running shoes when racing. There days, those are constructed of foam and cloth, mostly foam. What does foam do? It floats. So, depending upon your lifejacket and its fit, wearing these kind of shoes, however comfortable, can be like strapping a couple of buoys onto your feet, and adversely affect your lifejacket's ability to float or more importantly, roll you over properly. Back in the old school inboard days, guys like Bill Muncey, Dean Chenoweth and George Woods Jr wore work boots, because they help act like a "keel" in their flotation when in the water (feet down, torso up). Billy Allen was way ahead of his time when he started wearing steel toed work boots in an ASH.

    ​Bottom line: ANY kind of cut resistant foot protection is better than none at all, but whatever you get, keep in mind that it's all part of the package of how ALL your equipment works together.

    Hope that helps....if you have any more questions, feel free to give me shout.


    ​(Factory Rep, Security Race Products)

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      Re: Cut Resistant Footwear?

      You can purchase sleeves that meat cutters wear and sew the end closed - you now have $ 15.00$ cut proof socks - add to surplus Jump boots and you are in good shape .at a reasonable price.


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        Re: Cut Resistant Footwear?

        Thanks. That is all good information. I will go with the socks for now and possibly upgrade to the boots later.
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