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125cc Mod Engine

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    Re: 125cc Mod Engine

    The best thing the mod folks could do is require that the power head be sealed, you can run any tower/foot combo, run spec 2 blade props like we do in 300ssh. I think this is pretty cool....


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      Re: 125cc Mod Engine

      Doesn't Sidewinder produce a decent tower and clamp bracket?
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        Re: 125cc Mod Engine

        I think if this new 125 Mod World class is promoted right with lot's of common rules to keep cost down and the parody level equal for the new novice drivers along with the seasoned veterans it hopes to attract

        it will be a huge success !

        My thoughts are why not promote this new class also with all of the interested high schools across the united states and Canada with their shop classes and wood working classes ?

        I think we could get the big Media behind this Project and goal in a big way !

        Keep the weight to 350 pounds for both hydro and Runabout so the boats will last a long time and the 200 pound kids and adults can competitively race also ?

        The mod commission should also condenser making it a spec dimension for the Runabout and hydro with reasonable parameters like Length and design type ranges so as to keep it as safe as possible for our young and older new drivers !

        There are a lot of successful boat builders that would love to be a part of the process of setting design specs for this new class !

        If We, which I think we can get together with the schools it would draw a lot of new boat racers if the students could get credits for building their boat as a project and also learn important Carpenter skills that they could take to their employment with them in the real world future !

        Please keep out the special interest insiders from screwing this up before it even takes off IE
        Multiple blade and expensive props and expensive carbon fiber materials, and high dollar engine blue printers !

        When you think about this it has the potential to be a national soap box derby of Boat racing class for all that want to build things and compete on a national level with close to equal, safe and fun affordable racing competition !

        Paul A Christner
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          Re: 125cc Mod Engine

          All good points..... As I understand it the factory and / or certified shops here in the US can seal these motors to certify they have not been ‘Blue Printed’..... I also understand they are machined to the max at the factory.

          This ‘Power Head’ racing is our future since the big factories do not have motors we can use..... Except of course for Sidewinder and Yamato.

          Four cycle Stock outboards are too heavy. Possibly four cycle power heads could be found and used. However with the oiling system on some four cycle motors, it would be hard to turn them on their sides to mount on a Tower Housing.
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          Dean F. Hobart


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            Re: 125cc Mod Engine

            Very Impressive! Kudos Guys! This is what boat racing needed a long time ago.