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Stock Outboard: The Next Generation

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    Re: Stock Outboard: The Next Generation

    All u people whining and crying about racing. The future is coming. That is 4 cycle out boards. You better get with it.


    • ryan_4z
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      What, Dave? Can't hear you. Could you say that again?

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    Re: Stock Outboard: The Next Generation

    Dlyan's plan is something that needs serious consideration by the SORC. The Suthelrand plan of 2011 was similar and I voted for that back then because it made sense. We need a class structure easy to sell to new people! 6 years later our numbers continue to drop and we're having the same discussion .

    Here's my thing, if everyone is scared about clubs losing money or water time then we change our format fully. Which i'm very much for. Less classes, but more laps and/or heats with more boats.

    Let's take me for example. I race CSR, CSH, 20ssh, but 25ssr our region mainly runs this at record races (Yelm).

    If I race all 4 of my normal classes at Yelm that's 8 heats a day X 2 days= 16 heats, at 3 laps each heat (sometimes 4 for the big course) = 48 laps a weekend. That's a ton of racing.

    Now what happens if we use Dylan's class structure for what I would race at Yelm and run 3 heats per class at 3 laps for 2 days of racing:

    CSH-6 heats 18 laps, CSR- 6 heats 18 laps, BSH (with my 20SW)- 6 heats 18 laps.= 18 heats and 54 laps.

    You actually race more with only 3 classes as opposed to 4. Now, I was able to slide into BSH with my current 20SSH as I run a 20SW, the current yamato guys won't be able to do that. But if I was a yamato guy and run the same classes, I would lose the BSH heats and laps off this model.

    So without BSH It would be 12 heats and 36 laps for 2 classes, CSH and CSR. While I lose 6 heats and 18 laps without BSH I'm still on the water A LOT for the weekend.

    As for entry money. You cut classes, then you up the entry fee. But I feel this could only be justified if you're on the water for a similar amount of time in the Dylan model with a 3 heat format as opposed to the current model. That's why you add a heat. Everyone is on the water for similar amounts of time (or more) and the clubs don't lose money. Example using SOA's class structure at yelm:

    2nd- $35
    3rd- $25 (same price for 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc classes)
    =$135 a day
    X2= $270 for a weekend

    New fee structure with Dylan model running 3 heats per class:
    3rd- $35
    X2= $270 or the same as before.

    The point is there is a way to do this and not screw clubs or getting racers the water time. It's not hard, you just have to think outside the current model. I'm sure someone else could adjust what I'm thinking and make it better as well.

    ASH, ASR, BSH, BSR, CSH, CSR, DSH, 300ssh should be enough classes for our category.If you want to run more than that, run MOD or PRO equivalent classes (OSY, 500ccmh, 250ccmh, 850ccmh, whatever). I'd be for putting restricted 20's and 25's into the C's at their lower weights because they run similar speeds. One could still run CSH with a restricted motor at 400lbs.

    *******Additionally I think 3 heats really amps up the competition because of how the points play out over 3 heats. Just watch a PRO USTS race to find out how wacky 3 heats for 1 class can be.
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    Kyle Bahl

    "He didn't bump you, he didn't nudge you, he rubbed you, and rubbin' son is racin'!"


    • Wakefield 2015
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      Hi Kyle,

      Just curious. If a club runs J, Stock, Mod at a race - with your 3 heat proposal the Stocks run 3 heats per race and the J's and Mods 2 heats per race? Thanks, Bill.

    • csh-2z
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      Maybe all three categories could cut some of the fat, then they may all be able to run three heats!

    • Racerkyle20
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      Yes if clubs ran all three that would be the case. Unless mod and j go on board. Pro already uses this at their nationals, I’m sure locally would be fine.

      Also agree with Ryan again.