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Propeller Magazine needs Tech.

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  • Propeller Magazine needs Tech.

    I'm a Rookie this year just finished my first season and have learned so much but I have only nicked the surface. Thankfully boat racers are the most helpful people I have ever met that won't hesitate to pass knowledge on if your willing to ask. But it sure would be nice if the APBA magazine would start a Tech section aimed towards helping us Newbie's
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    Re: Propeller Magazine needs Tech.

    You may find this helpful. I wrote it to help the newer guys better understand some of the technical aspects of racing.
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      Re: Propeller Magazine needs Tech.

      I have read your hand book for a Newbie a couple of times now and even have it saved to my phone so I can review it in a hurry. But what I'm talking about is things that alot of you guys that have been around for awhile take as second nature. Like drying out a engine, Or how to make various boat repairs and the materials to do it. Maybe how to remove inspect and reinstall a gear foot or re-ringing a Yamato. The list goes on I'm a 50 year old rookie who enjoys knowledge and learning about my sport very much and I know there are others like me.
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        Re: Propeller Magazine needs Tech.

        What about a post that remains fixed in the Tech section that people contribute articles to ?
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        • Flatiron
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          The problem with that is you might get Twenty different responses which one is right which one is wrong. If someone like Tom Cronk writes a article about changing a prop shaft or Jerry Davids writes a article about doing a ring job (just examples) you can pretty much bet your learning the right way to do it.

        • ZUL8TR
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          I see your point but any one can write an article in a mag that could be wrong, partially wrong, partially right or dead right and no easy quick way to rebuff, challenge or ask questions. Open forums do attempt to root out the correct way based on feed back from those who know. Either way would be helpful.