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Keller Deadman throttle

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  • Keller Deadman throttle

    I have a mercury KE7, I wish to attach a keller deadman to it but the throttle only controls the carb does this meen I will have to still run the magneto handle up to advance spark by hand... or just run it with the magneto handle at full throttle?

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    Re: Keller Deadman throttle

    the Kg7 the Jerry Hieser ran in the 50's was set up that way. You set the timing retarded to start it and advanced it some after you started it. Then after you got on plane. you advanced it the rest of the way. He let me run his boat in early 2000's to check it out. and those where his instructions. but what they did in the 60's and seventy's ?

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      Re: Keller Deadman throttle

      Throttle & Spark Mag Advance

      Your KE7 most likely had or has the cam plate and rod off the butterfly to control both the butterfly and spark advance with the Spark Lever.

      You can remove the parts for the butterfly and set-up the butterfly for the Keller throttle. Then advance the Spark separately. For non-racing applications it would be best to start the motor with the spark in the start position..... this will be easier on the rewind starter. Then after the motor starts, advance the spark, and turn around to advance the throttle to get the boat on plane.

      B&M and Tom Cronk have the parts to do this, I think.

      Good Luck.

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        Re: Keller Deadman throttle

        Thanks for the info... I now have attached the deadman to the throttle and spark lever on the motor(I bolted the throttle cable to the handle on the motor)and ran the cable through the lower cowl mount wholes that are on the tank on the motor.This only alows me to run the engine to full throttle and to a med.-high idle but I think I will attach a kill switch to the motor to kill.This boat is only a toy and prob.wont ever race with it so I think it would work ok.