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Have you Been Scammed?

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  • Have you Been Scammed?

    Yes folks there are bad people everywhere! While I hate the thought of it happening here it is always a possibility.

    ​Remember before wiring or sending money make sure you do your homework, get contact information and every other detail possible. Never send cash, make sure the method of payment is traceable. Use certified mail return receipt requested, yes it costs a little more but if you are sending a chunk on cash it's worth it. Certified mail is traceable to it's destination and it if you request a return receipt it has to be signed for. Mail Fraud is punishable by law and it gives you one more recourse to follow.

    If you have been scammed by a user of hydroracer (or even another boat racing site) please make a post here with as many details as you have. Make SURE you include their user name on the site and their email address if you have it. Unfortunately that is the only personal information that most forums have for their members and the only way we can block specific users from posting.

    ​If you have more information like the name, address and phone numbers that they are using then please provide that as well. It could be they are using that name under other user names and other members can contribute more information.
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    Welcome to hydroracer, we hope you enjoy your visit.