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Floyd Mayweather defeats Conor McGregor to go 50-0

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  • Floyd Mayweather defeats Conor McGregor to go 50-0

    This past weekend the eyes of the sports world were on Las Vegas, Nevada where one of the greatest boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather put his perfect 49-0 record on the line against first time boxer Conor McGregor in a match dubbed the “Money Fight” *Continue on to see all my best from ringside!...

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    Re: Floyd Mayweather defeats Conor McGregor to go 50-0

    Interesting fight, Mayweather retains the zero losses at 50-0 and acknowledged Rocky Marciano as a great fighter, good for him. Mayweather just broke Rocky Marciano's record of 49-0 that he established Sep 25, 1955 in the heavy weight title division. But IMO Mayweather was not against a credible fighter in Mc Gregor who was never in a professional boxing ring like Mayweather. Mayweather is an exceptional fighter in his division but IMO not THE greatest of all time, that is a debatable issue, Ali presently holds that title among many in the know. Ali even acknowledged Rocky as one of the toughest fighters he ever saw and hit incredibly hard and would just keep coming, he was not a technical style fighter but a powerful brawler. If Ali fought Rocky he wasn't sure how the fight would go because of the different styles but in typical Ali opinion style "I would beat him but not by KO". Rocky was dangerous in the ring because he had a killer instinct with reportedly no real feeling for pain and wouldn't stop.

    Ali on Marciano:

    Marciano on Ali:

    What the records report:

    Mayweather; Won KO = 27 Won Decision = 23 --------------------------------- Total 50 fights Feather Wgt
    Ali: Won KO = 37 Won Decision = 19; Lost KO = 1 Lost Decision = 4 --- Total 61 fights Heavy Wgt
    Marciano: Won KO = 43 Won Decision = 6 ----------------------------------------Total 49 fights Heavy Wgt

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